Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our family is growing up and always rediscovering who we are...

I noticed a surge in visitors today after I posted in my other House Blog.
How about an update? Well it's only been six long years! How about we start with how much our kids have changed in photos and then we'll go to how much we've changed as human beings?
 There's a story behind every picture...
2009 our hardest year ever.
2011 - Uniting with brighter smiles.

2012 discovering our passions is bringing us joy.
                                          Stay tuned to find out what they are and why this
                                              sunflower behind us was so significant to me.
                                                2014 Supporting each other in our endeavors.
                                           Stay tuned as to why there's dirt on Austin's face...

                                  Our boys are growing up - we only get a glimpse of 20 yr old
                               Dallin when he visits so most our pictures have only two boys now.

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