Saturday, January 3, 2009

Colleen's Graduation DEC 2007

Ok, so it was techincally December 2007...but it was twelve years in coming. I received my degree in Music Education with emphasis in strings from ASU. The link is a photographic journal that my talented photographer sister Kelly created for me. My only complaint is that there are too many pictures of me!! Once you get through those pictures (quickly), there is pictures of the actual commencement and my family.

My final semester was student teaching - a very rewarding experience. I had two amazing mentor teachers: Anita Archer in Mesa for Strings and Karen Sejkora in Chandler for general music. I grew attached to all the students I was working with and I could see myself as a future teacher working with my own group of students and loving it. However, I was turned off by the hoops that public teachers have to jump through depending on the current taking more courses or adding on new pressures or possible losing an entire program you built up because of new government decisions or lack of funds. This is not to say that I will never work in the public schools, I just would like to feel like I'm in control of my own future and I have been working on starting up my own music business....more on this on another post.

Thanks to the family and friends that have supported me throughout my many years schooling! Hurray it's done!

PORTER's Year in Review

If you're waiting to get a card from the Porters to inform you know all of our on-goings this last year, you might be waiting a while...but you get this incredible blog instead!

Please don't think we aren't thinking of you because I am an inactive Christmas card sender. Here's our last two Christmas card pictures that we took with full intentions of gathering everyone's addresses and sending out.

Over the next week I am posting something everyday to cover the 10 biggest events from 2008. Here's a sneak preview:

12-07 Colleen's Graduation

1-08 Our "Celebration" family cruise deal of the century

3-08 Colleen's music business start-up

6-08 Our 17th anniversary

7-08 Yellowstone Camping Trip

Summer 08 Activities

11-08 Lloyd and Colleen's trip to Japan

Christmas 08 and New Years