Saturday, January 3, 2009

PORTER's Year in Review

If you're waiting to get a card from the Porters to inform you know all of our on-goings this last year, you might be waiting a while...but you get this incredible blog instead!

Please don't think we aren't thinking of you because I am an inactive Christmas card sender. Here's our last two Christmas card pictures that we took with full intentions of gathering everyone's addresses and sending out.

Over the next week I am posting something everyday to cover the 10 biggest events from 2008. Here's a sneak preview:

12-07 Colleen's Graduation

1-08 Our "Celebration" family cruise deal of the century

3-08 Colleen's music business start-up

6-08 Our 17th anniversary

7-08 Yellowstone Camping Trip

Summer 08 Activities

11-08 Lloyd and Colleen's trip to Japan

Christmas 08 and New Years

1 comment:

WishTrish said...

Colleen! I love that you're finally blogging! :) Can't wait to see all of the fun stuff you have done this year!

Love to you! Hope your New Year has started out well!